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Less than 36 Hours in Manhattan: Bagel

Still in SoHo, on a bustling Saturday morning, I had one mission: bagels. After all, that's why anyone goes to New York, isn't it?! Though trendy brunch options abound, quality New York bagels are few and far between in SoHo. But fear not, there's always Sadelle's!

Though it also serves as one of the trendy brunch spots mentioned above, Sadelle's has a bakery and carry-out bagel counter. Be forewarned: your bagel and lox will run you up around $20, but if you're bageling on a budget, nix the salmon and you'll stay under $5.

Slicing smoked salmon right in front of my eyes.

I did smoked salmon, tomato, and chive cream cheese on a sesame bagel and there were no regrets. They give you your bagels in a fancy-ass bag, which just enhances the experience as a whole. I must admit, I was a lox virgin until this trip, but Sadelle's certainly set my standards high.

If you have the time, brunching at Sadelle's is also quite the experience (two words: bagel towers). Bottom line, if you're stuck in SoHo and need a bagel, you know where to go.

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