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I wish I were drinking this rosé instead of being stuck in the Barcelona airport for 9 hours...

I don't like traveling.

I know I live on another continent, so it seems like it should come with the territory, but there are few things that stress me out as much as the threat of a missed flight. And there are few things that chill me out as well as a lovely chilled rosé.

Unfortunately today I am dealing with the former. It's not the end of the world, but due to a delay, my flight from Chicago to Barcelona arrived late, causing me to miss my connecting flight back to Madrid. Granted, this could have been potentially avoided had I not felt the need to pack my mortar and pestle, a new apron, and a set of measuring cups, which made it necessary for me to check a bag, but here we are.

The things I would do to have this in my hand right now.
The things I would do to have this in my hand right now.

So here's a short list of things I'd rather be doing right now than sitting in an airport cafe with a half-eaten Larabar, a stomach ache, and a bad mood: drinking Borsao rosé (with my Grandma, preferably).

Ironically enough, this lovely summer wine is made in Northeastern Spain, a short 200 miles from the airport in which I am stranded for the rest of the day. And, believe it or not, I was introduced to it over 4,000 miles away from its home, at my grandma's home in Livonia, Michigan.

A 2017 100% Garnacha, this wine is not only good, but also affordable. Story goes that when my grandmother went to pick up wine, she asked her local libations shop owner what he recommended. Bypassing all of the overpriced, overrated imports, he said this rosé is what he drinks. Which is always a good sign.

Its peachy, light coral hue screams "relax, it's August". It is described as "crisp" and "lush," but I'd like to frame it as having an unassuming energy to it, one that has the ability to simultaneously invigorate and relax its drinker.

Perhaps the best thing about this wine is that it's one of those bottles that you can open and enjoy from the moment you put on your apron and fire up the grill until the best part of a summer night: that light buzz back deck après-dinner conversation that we all cherish. You can have your first glass with appetizers and enjoy all the way through dessert.

I also don't think I've actually ever enjoyed drinking a rosé until this wine (if I want a refreshing summer wine, I'll take a French Chardonnay. Otherwise, I always go with a red). It's not bubbly, so it doesn't interfere with your dining experience, as I find that sparkling wines sometimes do. It has opened my mind to consider trying other rosés, which I see as a big accomplishment.

En fin: missing your flight sucks, drinking this rosé doesn't.

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